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Sum= $28,450,940.00

Road Widening

​Fayetteville Rd: Barbee to Riddle
PW: Construction has resumed following the Mayor's Shut Down Order.

RE: All properties (37 in total) are now owned by the City. RE and CAO will work together on mediation/settlement of condemnation suits filed. Two cases remain with CAO for trial in the Fall (property of Vickers and property of Zubaidi).
March 2016Dec 31, 2018 July 2018 Feb 2019 April 2021Construction45Ed Venable
Fleischer, David10.07/6/2020 2:46 PM

Petition Street 2017

Ardmore Dr, Castell Dr, Missell Ave, Windburn Ave,
PW: Construction has resumed following the Mayor's Shut Down Order. Punch lists are being prepared for Missell Ave, Ardmore Dr. and Castell St. Work has begun on Winburn.

May 20175/23/2018Sept 2018May 2019Dec 2020Construction70Clint Blackburn
Venable, Ed11.08/3/2020 10:20 AM

Road Extension

Woodcroft Parkway Extension:  Hope Valley Rd. to Garrett Rd.
AUGUST: Draft Traffic Tech Memo submitted to City staff for review.
JULY: RKA completed build traffic capacity analysis on 5/29/20.
Virtual open house website and survey opened on 5/20/20. Virtual Open House and survey closed on 7/5/20.
McAdams located underground utilities as part of project surveys.
Draft technical memorandum completed 6/19/20.

MAY: A virtual open house will be launched on May 20th in lieu of the 1st in-person public meeting. COVID-19 measures have not delayed any other project tasks.

MARCH: Public Involvement Plan meeting held on 2/27/20.

Design: Project Kick-Off meeting with Ramey Kemp scheduled for 2/10/20

Pre-Design: Contract negotiation and execution has been delayed due to staff vacancies and  manday hours/rates corrections by RKA.; Revised Manday Estimate and Scope submitted by RKA.; Draft contract sent to RKA. ; Design contract with RKA executed 1/6/20.

2021-42021-092021-122022-072025-12Design/ROW10 %Brian Taylor
Taylor, Brian9.08/3/2020 10:09 AM

Downtown Durham ​Wayfinding Program

Various Locations within Downtown Durham

Construction Authroization received September 30. General Services putting package together.

Project is on NCDOT's suspension list and reimbursements have been frozen for an "interdeterminate" amount of time. We cannot proceed for right now. Dates to the side will change.

2019-09 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-07*** 2019-10 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-08 ***2020-04 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-10***2020-05 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-11 ***2021-04 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2020-10 ***Pre-Construction100%Evan Tenenbaum
Tenenbaum, Evan5.02/27/2020 2:18 PM

New Traffic Signal Installation

MLK Jr. Pkwy and Bay Point Drive and Broad Street and Murray Avenue

Bid opening scheduled for 7-31-2020

2017-052017-012020-72020-8 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-07 ***2021-3Pre-Construction90%Peter Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter13.07/6/2020 2:46 PM
New Traffic Signal Installation


Mangum St and Dillard St.

Signal Construction is  completed  - Signal is in 30 Day Observation  Period..

2017-052018-012018-09 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2018 Delayed by Ornamental Metal Pole Delivery 6 Months and to be managed by NCDOT) - City Staff Constructing Corridor Improvements along Mangum at Jackie Robinson and Morehead to complement project.2019-8 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-14 ***2019-10 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-06 ***Complete100%Peter Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter8.07/6/2020 2:31 PM

Durham Signal System Upgrade

Upgrade 38 City owned traffic signals (not-eligible for federal funding under U-5968)

Signal equipment ordered

Designs for pending improvements underway

Utility Adjustments are underway

Railroad Encroachments are underway

Ongoing2019-122019-07  *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2018 Delayed byNCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination)2018-072022-01 (The project timeline must align with the fiber installation for the NCDOT Signal SystemConstruction25%Peter Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter4.07/6/2020 2:35 PM

Petition Streets Phase II: Pave Gravel Roads

Leonard Dr/Turner St; Lang St; Chalmers St; Amber Pl; Brunson St; Omah (Carver St to 3010 Omah)

PW: The project will be advertised in early August, 2020.  

AMBER PLACE: All properties acquired and closed.
BRUNSON DRIVE: All properties acquired and closed.
CHALMERS STREET: All properties acquired and closed.
LANG STREET: All properties acquired and closed.
LEONARD/TURNER STREET: All properties acquired and closed..
OMAH STREET: All properties acquired and closed.

July 2018Mar 2020August 2020Dec 2020Feb 2021Pre-Construction10Erik Adkins
Nicholas, Peter17.07/6/2020 2:31 PM

​Bridge Repair Design

Various Locations

​PW: Contracting staff has reviewed the consultant submitted designs, structure repair plans, and traffic management plans. Gannett Fleming has suffered a cyber-attack.

Aug 2020NANANANADesign/ROW95Erik Adkins
Venable, Ed10.07/6/2020 1:46 PM

​Bridge Asset Management Plan

Various Locations

​PW:  The work on Phase Five is authorized to begin, which will define the management plan parameters.

NANAMay 2018Oct 2018Feb 2021Construction75Erik Adkins
Venable, Ed8.07/6/2020 1:49 PM
New Traffic Signal Installation

US 15-501 Business at Hope Valley Road

Bid opening scheduled for 7-31-2020

2017-052017-012020-72020-8 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-07 ***2021-3Pre-Construction90%Peter Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter8.07/6/2020 2:46 PM

2020 FY Speed Humps *COMPLETE*

Kirkwood Drive

A total of 5 speed humps were added to Kirkwood Drive between Stadium Drive and Guess Road in Durham. 

Work is complete.

8/20198/29/201910/7/201910/31/2019Complete100Jessica Kemp
Taylor, Brian11.08/3/2020 10:11 AM
2019 FY Curb Ramps

Please Remove
Various Locations

Contractor completed improvements at 22 locations throughout the City over a 6 month period. Road striping and solar-powered pedestrian crosswalk signs were coordinated at select locations by the Transportation Dept once GC completed construction.

2018-082018-082018-092019-032019-09Complete100Jessica Kemp
Nicholas, Peter4.07/6/2020 2:39 PM

Pavement Marking Improvements - On Call

Various Locaitons

Project Manual Prepared for Advertisement

2020-12N/A2019-10Readvertised 2020-6 (Adv #3)2020-12Pre-Construction95%Pete Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter7.07/6/2020 2:40 PM

2020 Curb Ramps

Various Locations

Nine bids received on 2/6/2020. Low bid from Whitley Contracting, $193,725. met EBOP and safety requirements, have satisfacorily performed other work for the City. Contract executed but NTP is on hold due to Covid-19.

1/3/2020n/a1/6/20203/16/202010/30/2020Pre-Construction95Nia Rodgers
Rodgers, Nia12.04/29/2020 2:55 PM

Street Repairs and Repaving 2020

Various Locations

​PW: Construction has resumed following the Mayor's Shut Down Order.

NANAOct 2019May 2020Dec 2020Construction0Clint Blackburn
Venable, Ed9.07/6/2020 1:56 PM

Pavement Preservation 2020

Various Locations

​​PW: Construction has resumed following the Mayor's Shut Down Order.

NANAOct 2019May 2020Dec 2020Construction0Clint Blackburn
Venable, Ed6.07/6/2020 1:57 PM

2020 Directional Boring Utility Work

Various Locations

Signed Contract Pending

2019-11N/A2019-122020-0512/30/2020 (Fulcher Electric) was awarded the contractConstruction0Pete Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter16.07/6/2020 2:43 PM

2020 Inductive Loops

Various Locations

Construction Project Underway

2019-10N/A2019-102020-036/30/2021 (Fulcher Electric) was awarded the contractConstruction10Pete Nicholas
Nicholas, Peter9.07/6/2020 2:43 PM