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Road Extension

​Carver Street

PW: Triangle Grading and Paving continued work this week to mill asphalt from Danube Lane. The Cub Creek Road intersection was severed and storm drainage was install to facilitate the new movement of stormwater. The ROW annexation is scheduled for the August 5, 2019 City Council meeting. The goal is to complete the project by July, 2019.

Nov 2013Mar 2015Sept 2015Sept 2016June 2019 (Jan 2019)  *** Dates previously adjusted *** (July 2018 Project is impeded by rain days and contractor delays) Construction83Ed Venable

Road Widening

​Fayetteville Rd: Barbee to Riddle
PW: : The Contractor continues clearing and grubbing, installing erosion controls, and hauling borrow material. Duke Energy is relocating the street lights. Google is relocating their fiber. All property for the entire corridor is now available to the Contractor. 

RE: All properties (37 in total) are now owned by the City. RE and CAO will work together on mediation/settlement of condemnation suits filed.
March 2016Dec 31, 2018 *** Dates previously adjusted *** (July 2018  Delayed by need to condemn and Duke Energy negotiations) (Jan 2018 Delayed by Duke Energy negotiations)July 2018 *** Dates previously adjusted *** (Feb 2018 Delayed by Duke Energy negotiations)Feb 2019 *** Dates previously adjusted *** (Oct 2018 Readvertisement requried) (July 2018 Delayed by Duke Energy negotiations)Oct 2020 *** Dates previously adjusted *** (April 2020 Readvertisement requred) (Jan 2020 Delayed by Duke Energy negotiations)Construction3Ed Venable

Petition Street 2017

Ardmore Dr, Castell Dr, Missell Ave, Windburn Ave,
PW: Constrcuon has begun.

Missell Ave
Ardmore Dr
Castell Dr
Winburn Ave

May 20175/23/2018Sept 2018May 20192020-03Construction5Clint Blackburn

Road Extension

Woodcroft Parkway Extension:  Hope Valley Rd. to Garrett Rd.

Contract negotiation and execution has been delayed due to staff vacancies.  Manday Hours/Rates estimates were returned for corrections and have been re-sent to NCDOT for review.  

2020-122021-052021-082022-032025-08Planning80 %Ellen Beckmann

Downtown Durham ​Wayfinding Program

Various Locations within Downtown Durham

Messaging on signs is being finalized by staff. Draft CE document is being prepared. Some sign designs will be going to Historic Preservation Comission on July 9. The remainder are being prepared for a Minor COA. NCDOT submittal still expected in late summer 2019.

2019-09 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-07*** 2019-10 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-08 ***2019-12 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-10***2020-01 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-11 ***2020-12 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2020-10 ***Design/ROW40%Evan Tenenbaum

New Traffic Signal Installation

MLK Jr. Pkwy and Bay Point Drive and Broad Street and Murray Avenue

In House Design Completed (McCain)

In House Design Underway (ASC/3)

2017-052017-012019-05 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2018 Delayed by NCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination) - Cobmined with Broad and Murray2019-09 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-07 ***2020-4Pre-Construction99%Peter Nicholas
New Traffic Signal Installation

Mangum St and Dillard St.

Awaiting Delivery of Signal Supports - *** UPDATE - Signal Supports will be poured in June 2019 (Per contractor)***

2017-052018-012018-09 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2018 Delayed by Ornamental Metal Pole Delivery 6 Months and to be managed by NCDOT) - City Staff Constructing Corridor Improvements along Mangum at Jackie Robinson and Morehead to complement project.2019-06 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-14 ***2019-09 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-06 ***Construction10%Peter Nicholas

Durham Signal System Upgrade

Upgrade 38 City owned traffic signals (not-eligible for federal funding under U-5968)

Signal equipment ordered

Designs for pending improvements underway

Ongoing2019-122019-07  *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2018 Delayed byNCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination)2018-072022-01 (The project timeline must align with the fiber installation for the NCDOT Signal SystemConstruction15%Peter Nicholas

Petition Streets Phase II: Pave Gravel Roads

Leonard Dr/Turner St; Lang St; Chalmers St; Amber Pl; Brunson St; Omah (Carver St to 3010 Omah)

PW: This project is in acquisitions.  

AMBER PLACE: 7 properties to acquire. All acquisitions are complete. Closings have all occurred without use of plat as PW does not yet have plat completed.
BRUNSON DRIVE: 8 properties to acquire. PW has recently re-designed the project and RE is working with the remaining property owner (owns all 5 parcels) to obtain Option to Purchase. Closings are being scheduled with three property owners; and closing may be delayed with owner of remaining five properties until plats are prepared and ready for recordation.
CHALMERS STREET: 15 properties to acquire. All acquisitions are complete.
LANG STREET: 16 properties to acquire. All acquisitions are complete.
LEONARD/TURNER STREET: 25 properties to acquire. 22 properties have signed Options to Purchase. Staff is in active negotiations to complete remaining acquisitions.
OMAH STREET: 12 properties to acquire. All acquisitions are complete.

July 2018May 2019Dec 2019May 2020Aug 2021Design/ROW85Thomas Wilcoxson

​Bridge Repair Design

Various Locations

​PW: PW Administration has indicated that the maintenance option will be selected for the bridge repairs.

NANAMar 2018Aug 2018Aug 2019Design/ROW50Ed Venable

​Bridge Asset Management Plan

Various Locations

​PW:  The Kercher Group has acquired the initial data for the Bridge Asset Management Plan and is now workign on Task 2.

NANAMay 2018Oct 2018Sept 2019Construction5Ed Venable
New Traffic Signal Installation

US 15-501 Business at Hope Valley Road

In House Design Underway - Awaiting construciton of curb ramps to complete design. US 15-501 and James Street (pedestrian crossing) will be added to this installation. 

2019-06 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (July 2018 Delayed by NCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination)2019-06 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (July 2018 Delayed by NCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination and Adding James Street Pedestrian Crossing to Scope)2019-06 *** Date previoulsy adjusted *** (January 2019 Delayed by NCDOT Signal System Compatibility/Specification Coordination and Adding James Street Pedestrian Crossing to Scope)2019-12 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2018-07 ***2020-03Pre-Construction25%Peter Nicholas


2020 FY Speed Humps


Pending Installations - Awaiting status of petitiion for final street segment before advertising FY 2020 project.

2018-082018-082018-092019-092020-01Planning100%Jessica Kemp
2019 FY Curb Ramps

Project under construction. 

Holloway St. & Adams St was completed 4/30. Change Order #1 and Pay App #2 are being processed. Contractor began work at the W. Club Blvd / Northgate Mall mid-block crossing on 5/2. Road striping and solar-powered pedestrian crosswalk signs will be coordinated by the Transportation Dept once GC construction is complete. Ground plane art by Madiha Malik will be coordinated by GSD's Cultural and Public Art Program. Completion Date: 7/5/19 (extended by Change Order) 

2018-082018-082018-092018-092019-07 *** Dates previously adjusted from 2019-6 ***Construction25Jessica Kemp

Street Repairs and Repaving 2019

Various Locations

​PW: The contract was approved at the May 20th Council Meeting.

NANAFeb 2019May 2019Nov 2019Pre-Construction85Clint Blackburn

​Pavement Preservation 2019

Various Locations

PW: The contract was approved at the June 3 Council Meeting.

NANAMar 2019June 2019May 2020Pre-Construction50Clint Blackburn

​Asphalt Rejuvenation 2019

Various Locations

PW: The contract is beign routed to the City Manager for approval.

NANAMar 2019June 2019May 2020Pre-Construction25Clint Blackburn

Aerial Utility Adjustments

Various Locations

The bid opening is scheduled for May 20. ***UPDATE - First Advertisement did not secure 3 bids.  Will be readvertised in June 2019 with a July 2019 bid opening date.***

NANAJuly 2019August 2019August 2021Pre-Construction50